It IS April Fools Day today, so know I’m not fooling when I say, ‘YES we have fun at weddings’!!

As you can see from the photo of me with my fists up, I was really acting on a funny spoof moment to give the Bride & Groom a laugh. Gently trying to persuade the photo happy guest into the tent while the other 150 guests were patiently seated and waiting for the introduction of the newlyweds.

What you don’t see in this photo is the Bride & Groom toe-tapping anxiously to get their party started and in anticipation of their big introduction into their choreographed first dance.

In those moments right before the big introduction, we {Wedding Planners} may seem pushy or anxious as we field that ‘just one more’ picture request. In truth, we’re feeling the pressure from our wedding TEAM waiting for the ‘GO’ cue to start this specially planned reception.

BAND is on stage, tuning their guitars, rehearsing again the correct pronunciation of the newlywed couples’ married names, and gearing up to perform the highly anticipated first dance song to kick off the reception evening.

CATER Servers are on stand-by ready to deliver the First Course in a synchronized service; while the chefs are in the kitchen waiting for word to ‘fire’ on the entrees and get the second-course service prepped and ready.

PHOTOGRAPHERS are in place or working their way to the dance floor to capture the entrance of the bride & groom and their special first dances. Making sure not to miss that special first dance ‘dip’ or ‘kiss’ or the teary-eyed glance between the two.

So next time you’re a guest at a wedding and you feel compelled to continue snapping photos of the Bride & Groom….{even after the Wedding Planner has asked you to have a seat three times!}, please consider there’s an army of people waiting for the ‘Ready, Set, Go’ and we’re all just trying to get this party STARTED!

Photo Credit: Thank you to Andrew Cebulka for capturing this awesome moment!