Having just celebrated Earth Day 2013, there is a lot of talk about the environment.  Weddings have a tendency to produce waste, just as any large event does.  Whether big or small, we believe it is important to make your difference where you can.  With this is mind, we want to share one of our tips on how to make less of an impact on the environment when being part of an event.  One of the major wastes that most might not think about at a wedding is fabric such as table cloths, table runners and napkins.  Sure, some of them might be reused, but over time where do they end up?
In 2010, Americans discarded 13.1 million tons of textiles.  Of that, only 15% of it was reclaimed and recycled leaving 11 million tons to be left in landfills around the country.  When fabric decomposes, it releases methane, which is a harmful greenhouse gas.  (TriplePundit, Mattias Wallander).  In our attempt to prevent such waste, we make a lot of our linens such as table runners and custom napkins.  Once we are finished with them, we donate them locally.  For the past 2 years, we have donated our used fabrics to MUSC Children’s Hospital.  After the fabric has been cleaned, it is sent to MUSC where they find another use for it such as: making bean bag chairs or using it for arts and crafts. 
Recycling fabrics prevents harmful gases from being released into the environment as well as gives back to the local community.