Whew! What a great Spring/Summer Wedding Season. Thanks to everyone for your patience as we worked through the last several months. Unfortunately I have neglected the RLE blog, so here is a much overdue update! 


I’ve acquired a new set of wheels to get around quickly downtown and get those day-to-day errands done in a timely fashion. So to become more eco-friendly AND to save on time, I found a gently-used, 3-speed beach cruiser. It’s quite a site with all those colors, but its a great safety tool in dodging all the cars. See you downtown!  


The very talented Heather Forsythe has been photographing many RLE weddings over the years and has recently dabbled into the invitations/save the date world. Her work is amazing and I highly recommend you check it out. She’s just finishing up work on the 1875 Antique Letterpress and I can’t wait to see the hot off the press work she’ll be printing.