As Summer quickly approaches, my internship at Red Letter Events sadly comes to a close. This weekend,  I graduate from the College of Charleston and move back to my hometown. During my six month internship with RLE I have learned more then I could have ever imagined! I now know that ‘Shantung’ is a type of silk linen, ‘Chiavaris’ are chairs, and linens weigh a lot more than you would think. But those are just the basics. In these past months, I have visited dozens of venues and have worked with a variety of vendors. I have helped plan all types of events… from an 800 person gala to a 70 person wedding. Every event I have been a part of at Red Letter has been unique and every client has had different expectations. This variety has been my favorite part of working at RLE! You never know what is next and every day brings a completely different experience.

The most valuable part of my internship has been watching Stacey and Missie in action. I have learned from them that event planning is not an easy job, its not a 9 to 5 job either you have to be ready for the unexpected at all times. As an event planner, you need a certain intuition and ability to multi-task in high stress situations and Stacey and Missie have both! I am so grateful to have been a part of the RLE team it has been such a rewarding experience.

…………”Congratulations Alyssa on your Graduation, we will miss you!!
~ Stacey, Missie and The RLE Team

From L to R: Alyssa, Stacey, Missie, Krisha