Traditionalists often scoff at the idea of a ‘First Glance’ between a Bride & Groom before the wedding ceremony.   The original tradition of not seeing the bride before the wedding relates back to when two families were doing a business deal and they did not want to allow the groom time to change his mind (hence also the reason for the veil, to shield the bride’s identity up until the last second!). In today’s modern times, we find it helps many of our couples with overcoming wedding day challenges; i.e. short on time, daylight hours or bundled up with nerves. Here are a few key reasons why more couples are choosing to do a ‘Lucky First Glance’.  

A Private Moment: Imagine seeing your true love for the first time on your special wedding day.  If you are any bit as privately emotional as I am, you know that the tears and emotions will be flowing and wouldn’t it be better if it was just between the two of you?


I’ve had clients that are so emotionally moved by the experience and all of the pressure leading up to the altar that they have cried during their entire wedding ceremony, barely able to whisper responses. Taking the time to see each other prior to the big moment and having that ’emotional’ private moment can be key.  The earlier glance moment also allows you to refresh (make-up smudging included) and re-set before walking into your wedding ceremony.

Daylight Hours: For clients getting married around or after the ‘Daylight Savings’ time change months (November through March), the remaining hours of daylight can be crucial to your start time.  If your ceremony time is later in the day, capturing family formals and bride & groom photos may be cut short with the quickly approaching darkness.

Brianna+Evan_LuckyFirstGlance  Give yourselves and your photographer plenty of time to tell your love story and get great photos in your beautiful wedding attire. That way you don’t have to start your wedding ceremony earlier in the day and can still enjoy an evening reception.

Let’s Party! Don’t want to miss a single second of your wedding celebration? If you’ve got a fairly large bridal party and/or family, those formal important photos on your wedding day typically take about 30-minutes, which is almost half or all of a one-hour cocktail reception before dinner. Getting the photos captured prior to the wedding gives you ample time to jump right into the fun and also connect with all of your guests.


If you are STILL on the  fence about the ‘First Glance’ and want to keep with tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony:

Write a note to each other: It goes a long way just to have that ‘reassurance’ on your wedding day and reaffirm all the reasons you are preparing to walk down the aisle and marry each other.

If ‘touch’ is your thing…stand on either side of a door:  We once had a very ‘Green’ Groom that no matter how much gingerale or couch lying I instructed, he just needed his bride’s touch and to hear her voice. Once he had just a few moments between the doorway he was all set and ready for the aisle!

Whether you choose to do a ‘Lucky First Glance’ prior to the ceremony or right at that moment on the aisle, it is still the most memorable moment of your day and one you will cherish!

~ Stacey Fraunfelter

{Photos Creds} Header: Evan Laettner, Private Moment & Daylight Hours: Charlotte Elizabeth, Let’s Party: Virgil Bunao