I’m so excited to finally have the new Red Letter Events website up and running.
This has been many months of gathering materials and pulling together the details (blood, sweat and tears???). You would think a former advertising and promotion girl would be able to pull together her own company’s revised website…but as they say, promoting yourself can be one of the hardest things you do and I beleive it!

I wanted to design the site with a custom RLE wallpaper, thanks go out to Chris Endress with F22Designs for designing the beautiful background, be sure to notice the little “RLE” logos imbedded into the wallpaper design!

Thanks also go out to Mike and Ashley Ward with Consult MDW, for designing and coding the new website. They are both so professional, easy to work with and cost effective! I am so pleased of the final result and feel like I’m launching a whole new look to Red Letter Events…but of course with the same great event services. I hope you enjoy the new site!