Several of our sweet brides recently mentioned how ‘guilty’ they feel registering for wedding gifts. Too often they have been on the other side, financially challenged with all the wedding costs – bridesmaid dresses, flights, hotel rooms & then a GIFFFTT??! {which by the way is ok to give within one-year of the wedding nuptials}. Here are a few un-guilting steps to remind us why a wedding registry is so crucial:

‘The Awkward Wedding Gift’

owlclock Have you ever received a gift and automatically wanted to put it into the ‘re-gift’ pile? Most wedding guests understand the etiquette of gifting to a newlywed couple. It’s beneficial to focus their gifting towards registry items that you actually need and want. Be sure to register for as many options as your guest event size warrants i.e. Don’t register for under 50 items if you’re hosting a 300-person event.

Registry Gun Happy:
Keep focus on the ultimate end game. Are you a baker? Then fill your registry with all the culinary delights that will allow you to bake up a storm.  Or maybe the groom has his eye on that big green ‘egg’ grill and becoming the next grill master…now is the time to put it out there. You never know when a group of friends may go in together to buy those larger items or maybe Uncle James is feeling extra generous. Be sure to provide multiple options at different price point levels for your guests of all economic levels.Biggreenegg

Shipping Loves Company:
I love hand picking out gifts, carefully wrapping them in special paper & ribbons and ‘hand-delivering’ to the recipient but it is much more convenient to just hit that ‘ship to bride & groom’ button & let the retailer package and ship for you.  Your parents will thank you for taking this extra step so they don’t have to load up & deliver gifts in their exhausted state at the end of your wedding celebration.

Starting a Wedding Registry is a good step in the right direction, you are doing your wedding guests a favor by registering & giving them options. If not, who knows, maybe that antique Tupperware gift set will be fabulous in your new home, but that’s the risk you take!


Photos Courtesy: The Big Green Egg, Anthropologie Registry, The CreamEvent