We LOVE sending our wedding guests off into the evening on a sweet note. And in honor of ‘National S’mores day’ (today August 10th!), sharing some of our S’mores sweet treats that can be enjoyed year round.
As a young Girl Scout, I was trained on the key elements it takes to making your S’mores experience memorable.  I recently met someone that had never experienced a true S’more (tragic!), so here is a brief description on how to make your S’more treat the best for your next event. 
1} Create a large fire pit for guests to gather around and toast the marshmallows. 
Photo by: Charlotte Elizabeth
2} Place two large marshmallows on the end of a roasting stick, long enough to keep from burning your hands. Hold the roasting stick over the fire, sometimes skimming into it and continue to roast the marshmallows until they are slightly browned/burnt texture to the outside. If they start to melt over the fire and fall of your stick you’ve gone a little too far and will need to start over with fresh marshmallows. 

3} With the marshmallows still on the roasting stick, use the graham cracker/chocolate sandwich to pull off the melted marshmallow between two pre-prepped graham cracker & Hershey chocolate bars and then press firmly down as the marshmallow oozes out of the sides, ENJOY!