Well really, the candy bar.  At a Lowndes Grove wedding a few weeks ago, we created an awesome candy bar!  The bride wanted to display candies from locations and places throughout the country that were special to her and her soon-to-be hubby.  The candy variety included something for everyone and it was a complete hit!  There were Georgia peach jelly beans, New England Necco Wafers, North Carolina salt water taffy, Ohio peanut butter buckeyes(made by Wildflour Pastry, along with some Bourbon balls), San Francisco Ghiradelli Squares and a few other goodies.  Needless to say, there weren’t many leftovers (unfortunately!).
A few tips for creating a candy bar:
-Allow for several different ties of candy (sour, chewy, chocolate) so there’s something for everyone!
-If the weather is warm, make sure to put out the meltable candy at the very last minute.
-Do a container count before hand so you’ll know if you have the right sizes
-Make sure to use containers with big openings for things like Ghiradelli Squares.

-Don’t forget the serving scoops!