We are so excited to feature the talented Virgil Bunao on our blog today. We have worked with Virgil for many years and always swoon over his photos. A Charleston based photographer, Virgil travels around the world capturing weddings and we were to fortunate to catch up with him for a little Q & A session.


 How would you describe your aesthetic?

My aesthetic is simple and clean. Many people say my pictures are real and honest.

 How did you get started photographing weddings?

A friend asked me to document her small wedding, then *that* friend referred me to one of her friends then referrals started coming from there.

 What is your favorite part of a wedding to photograph?

Hmmm, the whole day. LOL. If I had to choose, I would say 15 or so minutes before the ceremony when most people are scrambling, to about when the bride walks down the aisle. There tends to be A LOT of great moments during that time that I love capturing.

 What inspires you as a photographer?

People. I love people. People in general are genuinely good. And happy. And loving. I really really enjoy creating images of happy and kind people. The other thing is I just love creating timeless images and helping people build their family legacy.

 What is one piece of advice you would give to a bride when looking for a wedding photographer?

Hire the photographer whose work and personality you ABSOLUTELY connect with. Ask around. Ask vendors for referrals. Ask friends for referrals.

 What is the biggest trend you see currently in the industry?

I love seeing vendors {florists, designers planners, cake bakers, band, etc} come out in their own way and bring some really creative, beautiful things to the table. Every vendor has to bring their best work to every given event like it’s their last event. They are pushing the envelope to be better than last week. It is so wonderful to see this. Its not just a wedding anymore these days, from what I’ve seen, its about having a beautiful and meaningful celebration.

 What trend do you like the least?

I’m not a fan of a red wedding dress. Not sure if that’s a trend, yet, but I think a wedding dress should be classic, timeless, and beautiful.

 What is one thing about you many people would be surprised to know?

Oooo, I like this question…I have a crazy amount of running shoes…like 20 pairs. I run a little to maintain my figure, but I think that’s pretty crazy, don’t you think?


Photo Credit: Virgil Bunao Photography