It’s always nice to have a gift bag for your out of town guest.  When deciding what to put in the bag remember to keep it simple.  Your guest are traveling and don’t need a huge basket they’ll have to pack up at the end of the weekend.  Give your guest some yummy snacks to munch on in the hotel room and some fresh water ( you can even get a personalized label on your water bottles).

For those who just “don’t like water” add some flavor to your gift bag with some crystal light packets.
A customized koozie guest can reuse and remember how great your wedding was.
Advil: just in case someone wakes with a headache
Trail mix offers guest a variety of salty snacks
Add something sweet and honestly who doesn’t enjoy M&M’s

Also its always nice to include a welcome note, a cute map of where the wedding events will be taking place and a brochure that includes places to eat and things to do in the city.